Winter Weather Pickup

Winter trash and recycle collection creates challenges for our sanitation drivers. The unpredictable weather, like snow & rain, can cause road hazards. This includes downed trees or power lines and snow and ice on roads resulting in our vehicles losing traction, sliding off roads, getting stuck or causing potential injury to our drivers or others on the road.

Bad weather can cause major delays in your collection by hours or even days, depending on the winter storm and road conditions. We are continually monitoring the weather forecast and road conditions. Your pickup will be resumed as soon as weather permits.

Our main concern is the safety of our drivers and the other drivers on the road. We understand this is an inconvenience. And we appreciate your patience with us as we work together to safely service your areas.

If your road is not plowed drivers may be unable to safely service your road. You may not be serviced if this is the case.

When your service is resumed here are some reminders:

  1. Please allow drivers extra time to arrive at residence/business, as there may be delays.
  2. Make sure carts/bins are accessible to drivers.
  3. Snowplows may have covered or buried containers so please clear the snow around them.
  4. Make sure no vehicles are blocking carts/bins. (See cart placement chart)