Serving Commercial and Residential Customers for the past 38 years.
Shaver Lake Transfer Station
42089 Dinkey Creek Rd.
Shaver Lake, CA 93664
Hours: Friday and Saturday 10 am - 3 pm
Why Haul it Down the Hill? Just Bring it Here!
Save valuable time and money. Open (weather permitting) from the first Friday in May until the snow falls in late October. All items must be separated! What can you bring us? Fees charged for items below:
  • Pine Needles
  • Refrigerators/Air Conditioners
  • Tires
  • Construction Materials
    • Shingles, wood, concrete, metal, etc.
  • Furniture/Bedding
    • Mattresses, box springs, other items
  • Electronics
    • TV’s, computers, printers, DVD players
  • Re-Use Area
Unwanted, but still useful items others might want can be placed here as well.
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